Roaming free worldwide & pan-European prepaid mobile broadband.
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Worldwide roaming free prepaid mobile broadband.
- cost effective, flexible, cheap, with 24/7 customer service.
  Winter/Spring 2014 NEWS:
More flexible coverage and we go Global !

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  Did you know:
- is fool proof, extra bills are not possible.
- We are often cheaper than local prepaid mobile simcards w. internet
- is a registered trademark owned by DDGroup, Denmark 
- Statistics: a smartphone user at home consumes 500MB per month (excl calls)

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The "Simple":
Coverage package: EU+ USA

The "Extended":
Coverage package: EU+ USA and more

The "Worldwide":
Coverage package: What we call Worldwide

Datapackage sizes:
100, 250, 500, *750 MB and *1GB.

*750 MB is max datapackage on "Simple",
and is not available on Extended & Full.

Clips of 3, 6 and 12 x 30days are also available.

Note: If your sim is from 2013, or older, we will
send you one of the new, free of charge.



Next day delivery in NL and DK - free of charge
For simcards:
FREE delivery worldwide.
Next day delivery: Netherlands, Denmark & Philippines.

FREE VIP 2hrs delivery to Manila Intl. airport
and 3 hrs in Metro Manila.

"It is really a good product.
I used it in UK and in Holland last time we were there, and now again passing Danish intl. waters.
It is really a big help and I don't have to worry about finding cheap internet access anymore."

Rudy, 2nd officer, M/T Minerva Astra. provided fantastic service and the system worked perfectly for me across five countries”
Anne Hoggett, Director & Ph.D., Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Try our free App and save on calls - and the data used for making them (also video calls & SMS)

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Example of App calling rates
EUR per minute
per second rounding
no fees      

Philippines mobile: from 0,09 €
India: 0,018 €
Russia: from 0,014 €
Greece: from 0,013 €

See the full rate list here (pdf)            

    Purchase topup here (Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Moneybookers



Endless posibilies that are now possible worldwide for a fraction with :

Visiting Europe ?:

Surf and stay in touch across the European continent at the lowest cost available for international prepaid mobile broadband.
You are now able to surf in the taxi in Barcelona, in the train in Germany, in the bus in London, on the beach on Gran Canaria, from the restaurant in Copenhagen.
Anywhere you go, sail, or fly in EU, and more, you can use the same simcard and connect to all our partner nationwide networks - with no obligations and no additional cost.

Worldwide and Maritime:

Update of onboard ECDIS and equipment worldwide - Emailing of large attachments, reports, photos, blueprints, drawings, copies of on-site unavailable paper B.A. charts, loading plans, software fixes, realtime online IT support via shore side, under coverage live ip-camera surveillance, live video support for on-site mechanical/technical difficulties and a mil more.

Other moving vehicles:
EUinternet access for transported passengers, cargo temperature and camera surveillance, live video support for on-site mecanical or language issues, easy and early handling of cargo papers from central office and a mil more.